17 Feb. 2012 07:00

Welcome to our new Website!

Here you'll get the latest news, information, showdates, videoclips and merchstuff of Mad Sin.

We will not play any clubshows in Germany, Austria and the USA till the release of our new album - workin title "Acid Blood" - which should be out by the end of this year. There are two exceptions! Check our tour section...

The work on "Acid Blood" has just begun and we're totally focused on that! So only a "very" couple of shows and festivals in europe have been booked for this year. Watch out for that!

I'm really excited as it will be a lot of fun doing the record in our practice room - produced by me and engineered by our drummer Andy - for the first time. The song material flies in the direction of "Burn and Rise", but seems to turn out more darkish and grounded.

We'll keep you informed and will present ya some live streams out of our recording sessions!

For now enjoy the "9 Lives" video clip and the upcoming DVD "Walltown Rumble" on People Like You Records!

Stay sick, stay fat,
stay tuned, stay mad,

Koefte deVille

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